Two Dudes on Decks to Denmark

Finished High school! Woohoo! What do you do as an eighteen year boy? Go to Ibiza or Sunny Beach and drink like there is no tomorrow? Nah, Longboard from Amsterdam to Kopenhagen!


Together with my good friend Robbert we set off  a day after receiving our diploma’s from the Amsterdam Vondelpark in search of adventure.

Ending high school feels like ending your childhood accompanied with an immense feeling of freedom. The way I wanted to celebrate this beautiful moment was to go on adventure! See new things, hear new stories, experience new feelings, it won’t happen in your comfort zone.

And before you know it, you are living two weeks like this:




800 Kilometers of unexplored roads, averaging 60 kilometers a day. It is a beautiful way to see the land around you.

Part one of our experience through a lense:


& part two!

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