Keynote speaking

As a volunteer for the Red Cross I traveled the country giving talks to schools, universities, rotary clubs about the work of the Red Cross. From that experience I built my own stories on cyclo-geography and adventure awaits around the corner, which I happily shared on many occasions including the international Velo-city conference and on the Cycling and Society symposium in London.

My keynotes are filled with stories on human kindness, physical challenges, unique longboarding experiences and can be tailored to your specific audience. The goal of all my talks is to inspire the audience to engage with the world in a different way; be it in their academic field or the way they spend their free time.

Currently I give speeches for free in Dutch and English, if you are interested on behalf of yourself, your company, your sports club or your family, please get in touch with me so we can discuss the details:

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I am looking forward to meeting you and speaking to you!