Hitchhiking Through Europe


Hitchhiking through Europe

Meeting a new girl is always exciting. Especially when she shares the same passion for travelling and adventure. So after knowing each other for just 1,5 month we decided to put our growing relation on a test; hitchhike through Europe. In 12 days we wanted to accomplish three things: drink the best coffee we’ve ever had, swim in the Mediterranean sea and test if we are up to match with each other. All cloaked in nice experiences and amazing hitches from others.


Italy is the coffee land, so Italy was the main destination, easy decision making right? Just 1,5 days of hitchhiking and we were in the city center of Verona ready for some espressi e gelati.

IMG_20150726_201807 (1)

In the middle of Verona after just 1,5 days. The surrealness can be read on our faces of this realization


We ended up at the coast just above Venice, horrible place with no identity. It is a huge resort for people who don’t care if they are in Italy, Croatia, Spain, France or any other sun country for that matter. Just rows of concrete hotels, burnt people in rented beach chairs. Nowhere was an authentic place to be found unfortunately. So after dipping in the water we decided to get as fast as possible out of the area looking for more authentic places.


Quite a view to wake up to, much better than the concrete hotels. Near Munich in Germany


During a stop in Switzerland on our way back, it became clear that we are a match for each other and we decided to verbally start our relationship.


Hitchhiking in general

Besides human powered travelling for me hitchhiking is the most interesting way to travel. The uncertainty of not knowing where you will end up in the night combined with amazing talks with strangers, makes hitchhiking quite adventurous. When strangers pick you up, it is already a sign of openness to people, so getting into deep conversations is much easier. Especially on longer stretches you are confined in a small metal box and kind of stuck with each other, talks therefore happen much easier.