Family Affair Travels

Do you have another annoying birthday coming up from your partner’s grandma or your aunt you barely speak to but only on her birthday? Time to make things more interesting!

I challenge you to make that travel to your family a mini adventure!

Buckle up on your bike, let’s go on your longboard or get your cardboard out for hitching cars (or think of another horrible travel alliteration) and go.

Just bike/board/hitch to that family affair and the day is suddenly much more interesting than otherwise.

Oh and don’t worry about that extra piece of cake, you deserved it after cycling or longboarding the entire day!



FAT 10 April: Never trust your stubbornness!

Another in-law birthday coming up…. Exactly on a beautiful day…… Well only one thing to do! My bike was parked at my mom’s place, so the start this morning was from surroundings of Amsterdam. 155km, vegan goodness waiting at the end and 7,5 hours of biking, let’s go!

amsterdam Hemrik by bike

Beautiful nature, amazing lakes and interesting people on the road, exactly the way I like it!

I met some interesting people, talking to an Afrikaans English couple who were cycling through the Netherlands and who were following somewhat the same route. Their bikes were of course packed more than mine, so after 10 minutes of talking about travelling, bikes and the Netherlands I picked up my pace again and tried to find my way in Almere.

If there is one thing I have learned from this trip is that it is good to trust your instincts but trust your never your stubbornness… 

If you have been to a place before 2 years ago, then heavily under construction, it doesn’t mean you can find a shortcut and ignore the navigation. I thought I could do that and  this is how I ended up:


Circling around and completely missing the route, oops….


After a while I was cycling through the middle of nowhere and I heard Arabic music playing from two younger guys cycling towards me, they greeted me with the biggest smile. Not even a minute later, another man approached me with a Middle-Eastern looking face and greeted me with a big smile too. I was getting a little suspicious and after a third warm greeting (a proper ‘goeiemiddag’) I realized that there was a refugee camp build. In the middle of nowhere…. I don’t want this to become a highly political blog but while continuing cycling I began to wonder about the camp. How could these people ever get to know Dutch society if they have no contact at all with cities, people or society for that matter? Does it affect the public opinion if no one ever talked to a refugee but only hears what is being said on the news about them? I asked myself while I spend an hour thinking about them and their situation.

Ending is near…

Anyway after 100k my legs began to feel a bit weary and I discovered again how amazing peanut butter is, 8 sandwiches with this heavenly goodness later I stepped on my bike again and felt instantly better. I took a break under this gloomy underpass and continued for the last 55k.


All was good nearing the end and I could already taste the cold beer and the hot food! Needless to say I stuffed myself full with all kinds of delicious foods while telling about my travels to the party guests. It was a good day!