Cyclogeography is a combination of two words; cycle and geography. It basically means describing the world (what the Greek for geography is) from a perspective of a bicycle. As a cyclist, you experience a city or a place much different than from a car’s perspective. The perspectives gained from cycling differ a lot from the ideas, plans and policies of government. Writing down these experiences is therefore a happy marriage between my studies and my passion.  Slow travelling through a place gives an unique point of view and uncommon experiences, helping to understand places better than just reading from a book, driving through with a car or looking at it from policy documents.

From a philosophical point of view, cyclogeography fits in the ideas of phenomenology, we understand places and give meaning to them by how we experience them. For example; a screwdriver is a mere metal and plastic object, but because of our experience of it, we give a meaning of a screw driver to it. It works likes this with places as well, this is humanistic geography, putting experiences of people at the forefront of analyzing and understanding places.

This is a collection of my ‘cyclogeographies’. enjoy the articles!


North of France

Life as a cycle courier in Bristol part 1

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