About me

So my name is Jesse van Hulst, currently studying human geography in Nijmegen and I’m addicted to human powered transport and seeing new places.

My love for human powered transport started when I rolled of the roof of the Delft University on a longboard (true story!) and my love for seeing new places grew from that. I got hooked on the idea of travelling slow to experience these places to the fullest; breath, smell, touch them instead of only seeing. So every time I get the opportunity I’ll be exploring new roads and new places.

My goal in life is to see what is around the corner of my life path, constantly experiencing new things to live a rich and diverse life!

My mission

My mission with this site is to inspire you  to find your corners in your life path! It can be everything; travelling, painting, writing, exercising, philosophizing,  whatever suits you and makes your life more interesting!

Life is also about creating your own corners and take new exits to experience new things and to grow because of that as a person. So when it is time to reflect on your life, you will see that your life path is filled with interesting turns and you have lived the richest you could.


If you really want to know me, connect to me on my Facebook so we start a conversation there and I can get to know you too!