Sun + Moon + Lake = epic bike trip

After crossing the central mountain range (3000m +) we left the east coast behind us and we’re now almost near the west coast. However, we are making a 1,5 day stop at the 6th most beautiful cycling road in the world according the CNN. Sun Moon Lake.

Coincidentally, it’s also the first proper sunny day! We spend the entire morning taking pictures of the majestic scenery, only cycling a mere 5k. My legs got a bit twitchy and I decided I wanted to cycle along the lake, so I headed to the road circling the lake. It was the best decision of the week. The road – as you might have seen on Facebook – was a cyclist ultimate dream: smooth asphalt, sparse traffic, easy uphills, gliding downhills, amazing views, shade, sun. It was the total package. Besides that, the roads along the lake are for all difficulty levels; there were elderly people, children, road cyclists, a random dutch man. Bike rental places were scattered along the small villages, English road signs helped to guide everyone in the right direction, the infrastructure for cyclists was top notch too!

I thoroughly enjoyed cycling the lake, it has been one of the best roads I ever cycled on.

Tomorrow I’m heading off to the north of the island again, in search of undiscovered roads and places. I’ll be cycling alone, through the non touristic parts of Taiwan, looking for adventurers and places that are not mentioned in the Lonely Planets. It will be truly, adventure awaits around the corner!

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