Back in the Saddle

After an amazing hitchike to Porto and a really amazing holiday in Porto and Portugal, it was time after a month of complete rest to fire up the biker engines again. I was nervous, I sincerly hoped my knee wouldn’t pose any problems cycling to the ferry. One last addition to my bike was made in the form of SPD pedals and shoes, to give that extra little efficiency for my knee.

Trip down memory lane

The road took me from my mothers house to the ferry in Hook van Holland. That meant crossing through the city I grew up in from north to south.


Hi there Aikey, my lovely hometown compagnon :).


It was a massive trip down memory lane. Riding along old friend’s houses I haven’t spoken to in years, next to football fields where a lot of great saves and blunders were made, along benches where teenage relations started… and ended, along small lakes where I spend the summers, through forests where a lot of interesting things happened, over cycling roads that were infamously for cycling drunk (zwarte pad). A lot of fond memories on the first 30 minutes. As regard to Creswell’s sense of place, these fields, roads, lakes, benches create definitely an emotion or a feeling.

Back to the roots

So, after the sentimental Amstelveen crossing I found myself on roads that were the roads I took “way back” when I found my love for long distance travelling. These roads between Amsterdam/Amstelveen and Delft (where a good friend who taught me to longboard lives) are for me the roots of where it all began. Without using navigation I could cycle along water from Amstelveen all the way to Wassenaar (tea stop at grandfathers’ house) re-exploring the Dutch beauty. Back to the roots also meant back to the first feelings of joy of distance travelling.

A good mental state and a month’s rest resulted in no knee ache whatsoever.

I’m extremely relieved and a bit tired too be honest. Time to make some peanut butter sandwiches on the ferry to England. Bath, here I come!

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