Plan H…ichthike!

A week of total rest. No sporting, no big parties, no travelling to families, total rest. This is what my body apparently needed to fully recover. Now the wait is over and the wanderlust has been itching in my soul again! Just this day I have been longboarding again and it feels good, no knee ache (it was a small distance and no cycling) and a clear mind.

With Shinedown blasting through the room there have been new plans made that include the words ‘cycling’ ‘hitchhiking’ and ‘Porto’!

The plan is to hitchhike to Porto in a week’s time together with Annet, my girlfriend who was planning to come to Porto anyway after her full time month of working. I will fly back earlier to pack my bike, take a ferry and then cycle from the east to the west coast in the UK! Starting in Harwich and ending in Bristol, how cool is that? The distance is a bit less than the 2000km (just 350km) and I allow myself a much easier pace. Now I can and visit Porto and cycle through England and experience the wandering in the UK before the Erasmus adventure starts!

The adventure around the corner is looming and is filling me with joy again!


One thought on “Plan H…ichthike!”

  1. Hi Jesse,

    Sorry to read about your knee problems. From experience I know it is no use pushing yourself to the limit. Enjoy your time in Porto and hopefully your knee will allow you to do some cycling in the UK.

    Kind regards,
    International Mobility Office, Nijmegen School of Management

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