Major trip update

How ironic it was, my last picture was called the ‘mental challenge’. Well that road of over 70km with head wind and trucks passing by, we conquered in mentally. But physically…

What started as a minor ache in my knee after the first day – which seemed completely normal, getting the body into the sport mode -, grew bigger to a major ache and a pain every day. Rest days and mornings didn’t matter, my knee would stop working after 80, 70, 60, 50km of cycling. It became too much to finish the day’s target. It became even too much to enjoy the trip when the knee ache was too much. On pain killers I did make it to Tours, where I decided to end the trip.

I know myself, I can push myself beyond physical limits until I see black. But this time the pain was different, it was not the hardest pain, it was also a mental pain. I couldn’t enjoy some parts of the journey anymore when  the pain kicked in. I realized that, although I could make it on painkillers to Porto, it was not worth the injury coming months or even years with a busted knee. I decided to quit.

My plan right now is to rest for at least a couple days before making new plans. If I think of something interesting I will share it again on this place, but for now, it is time to rest and figure out how this happened.


I will find my way around the corner.



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