Wanderlust: moving from Nijmegen to Bath via Porto

Being a student in Europe gives amazing opportunities to spend some time abroad at other universities to broaden your horizon. After selection I got the amazing news to spend one semester abroad at the Bath Spa University in the UK. My calendar in the months of August and September were still empty and there is a possibility to take a ferry from north of Spain to England. So a plan was quickly formed. However, because I will be anyway in that region, I might as well cycle a couple days longer to visit a dear friend in Porto. And so the definite plan was formed.  In true Erasmus spirit I will slow travel through Europe, experiencing as many places as possible before arriving at my Erasmus exchange location.

The European Union is more than bureaucracy and failed solutions to global challenges, it is an enabler for many people, including me. It gives opportunities to travel limitless, to live abroad, to study abroad away from the comfort zone of one’s own home. It helps people move beyond the small perspective, it connects people, it is a true manifestation of the global world we live in. Erasmus exchanges are a vital part of this manifestation, to enable as many students as possible with relative ease study abroad.

Coming trip I will write blog updates from the lens of the identity of Europe as well as regular updates about interesting moments.

All blog updates can be found on this page

2 thoughts on “Wanderlust: moving from Nijmegen to Bath via Porto”

  1. Hey Jesse! Have fun, do us proud and be safe! We will follow you from behind our comfy desks.. 🙂

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